Mammoth Bar Enduro

saturday, june 15th 2019

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The Hub Roseville Confluence Trail POV w/Heath Sherratt

This trail is part of the Mammoth Bar Enduro which is part of the California Enduro Series. Confluence is known for it's high speed sections mixed in with technical rock gardens and sheer cliffs as it follows along the American River from beginning to end.

The Hub Roseville Culvert Trail POV w/Heath Sherratt

The Culvert Trail is one of the crown jewels of the Auburn State Recreation Area. It's mostly a flow trail with some technical rock sections and fun line choices. It's a favorite game of the locals to do "no pedal" races from the top of the trail to the road.

Check out coverage from last year's event...

"The California Enduro Series struck it rich in Gold Country with the addition of the brand new Mammoth Bar Enduro which kicked off the series’ 2017 season. Produced by The Hub and Total Body Fitness, the sold-out May 6 event delivered a wealth of prime riding and camaraderie in the Auburn hills."