All the hard work is starting to pay off.

The fast lines are coming at a more regular pace. The trails are changing and your bike is finally starting to attach itself to you. Your tires are perfectly inflated and conforming with the earth. The sharp edged rocks and the salty clay that clumps in small bits but gives pretty near perfect traction most of the time is becoming familiar, a daily occurrence.

Either physically or just mentally retracing steps and lines throughout the day.

Sometimes it's even dusty and the dirt kicks up the in your eyes and makes for a slight drift before every corner and sometimes all the way through the corner. Your suspension is tracking with everything and the compression is finally starting to feel correct. The speed is's's time to start looking further down the trail and picking up those reflexes off the end table.

It could mean your life.

You just want to be fast and have fun. No major's a long season and you hate the hospital so...let's stay out of the trees and in nature as long as we can without riding like chum.

Keep up the pace. Keep pushing. Set your goals so you have something to shoot for, to focus on. Like I said, It's a loooong season.

We need to cross-train, stay healthy, eat well and sleep deeply.

The season is can hear the beeps of the gate in your head sometimes. Feel the joy of crossing the finish line after a flowing run. The silence of just you on the trail, in the zone, pedaling, pumping, shifting gears to accelerate and looking intently down the trail to anticipate the next corner or obstacle.

Do you have enough speed for that jump? is it a double? corner after? rock garden? Shift again, then shift weight to set up a corner and power out and through! This is harmony.

This is why you ride. This is what you dream about. If you don' need to get out more!